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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to update an email address or phone number?

A: Click: Contact Us and select Email Address / Phone Number Change.  We will update the email address or phone number in the system and send you a feedback email.

Q: How to change a users password?

A: Click: My Account, your name and Change Password

Q: What are Divisionals and how do I participate?

A: Divisionals are normally held the weekend following July 4th.  Each Division will host a final team meet of the season.  For 2021, GREEN Division has 6 teams.  All 6 teams will gather at Orchard Farms on Saturday, July 10th to determine the winner for GREEN Division. We encourage all our swimmers to participate, so please make plans to attend an awesome week of activities and exciting meet.  All of the costs are included in your registration fees.

Q: What is Championships & Classics (C&C) and how do I participate?

A: Championships & Classics (C&C) are held the weekend following the Divisional Meet at Westside Aquatic Complex (2700 West Blue Ridge Drive | Greenville, SC 29611).  For 2021, C&C will held July 17-18.  After the Divisional Meet, all of the swimmers from the (31) teams are combined into one group.  The Top (40) swimmers for each event (individual and relay) and age group are invited to swim July 14-15.  Swimmers ranked (17-40) will swim Saturday in the Championships Event.  Swimmers ranked (1-16) will swim Sunday in the Classics Event.  All qualified C&C swimmers will be notified on Sunday night following Divisionals.  The next day following Divisionals, Monday, an order needs to be placed for SAIL custom Championships or Classics t-shirts.  The coaches will explain all of the details for this extra week of excitement!  It is a great week and YOU EARNED IT!   

Q: What are the details regarding the Championships & Classics (C&C) t-shirts?

A: If your swimmer qualifies to swim C&Cs in either an individual event or as a member of a relay team, they will have the opportunity to purchase a custom Championships or custom Classics t-shirt.  Custom means they will be able to put whatever they would like on the back.  The first 10 letters are FREE and then every letter more than 10 is an additional cost. Orders are placed on the Monday following the Divisional Meet.

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